Body Composition Analysis 

Body Composition Testing:  $25 - 15 minutes for testing & interpretation of data


Using bio-electrical impedance, this machine tests the following information which will give us baseline information, help us set goals and accurately assess your progress.  You may choose to have testing done as a stand-alone service, but it is included in all packages:


  • Weight                   
  • Impedance                   
  • Fat %                   
  • Fat Mass                   
  • Fat Free Mass                   
  • Total Body Water %                   
  • Total Body Water Mass                   
  • Muscle Mass                   
  • Physique Rating                   
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) - how many calories you burn daily if you sat on a couch all day...                  
  • Metabolic Age                   
  • Bone Mass                   
  • Visceral Fat Rating                   
  • BMI
Body Comp - SC331S