Functional Lab Testing

"FDN is a logical, systematic approach to identifying malfunctions at the subclinical level using functional lab testing combined with in-depth clinical correlation assessing your history and lifestyle."  - Reed Davis, CN;  Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional lab testing identifies stress at a biochemical level.  Functional labs can also identify food sensitivities, allergens, pathogens and parasites in the body. Let's gain some valuable insights into your hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification and intestinal barrier systems.  With this information, we can offer a personalized protocol to address adrenal fatigue, toxicity, poor mood, brain fog and gut dysfunction.  

If you have sleep dysregulation, difficulty losing weight, and don't feel great but your doctor says everything is "normal" then functional labs can provide more answers. 

Here are some (not all) of the tests we can run: 

Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva) -

Concerned about adrenal fatigue?  This test has 11 Key Hormone readings including  Cortisol, DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogen, Estradiol, and Melatonin

Organic Acids Test

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health with over 70 markers.  It provides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria.  Abnormally high levels of these microorganisms can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue and immune function. Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids in their urine. The cause of these high levels could include oral antibiotic use, high sugar diets, immune deficiencies, acquired infections, as well as genetic factors.  If abnormalities are detected using the OAT, treatments can include supplements, such as vitamins and antioxidants, or dietary modification. Upon treatment, patients and practitioners have reported significant improvement such as decreased fatigue, regular bowel function, increased energy and alertness, increased concentration, improved verbal skills, less hyperactivity, and decreased abdominal pain. The OAT is strongly recommended as the initial screening test. 

SIBO or H.Pylori (Breath Test) - 

The potential cause of digestive pain or dysfunction.    

Intestinal Barrier Function Test 

How well do you assimilate nutrients?

Could you have "Leaky Gut?"

This test assesses the mucosal surface integrity in the gut


GI Pathogen Screen (Stool)

Intestinal microflora screen –   tests for parasites and pathogens


IgG Food Sensitivity Test 

This dried blood spot test covers 92 common foods and Candida antibodies in the blood.  


The HTMA:  Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis Profile 4 (Hair Sample) 

Could you have metal toxicity?  This test provides a multi-element assay of 36 key elements