Packages at Thrive Results Coaching

Packages are available to assist you in a variety of areas, from Relationship Remedies to Stress Relief and Child Wellness. Find a package that is right for you and make your appointment today. I look forward to working with you!

Relationship Remedy:

If you've tried marriage counseling or couples therapy and are still struggling to communicate better with your partner, Human Needs Psychology offers a way to truly understand each other.  This is best for couples who are living together, engaged or already married. Coaching takes place either solo, or as a couple.  Clients report major shifts after just one session.  $200/hr


Kid & Teen Wellness: 

I am a former elementary school educator and ski coach with over a decade of experience relating to kids.  If your child or teen is looking for nutrition guidance, is struggling with body image and low self esteem, or is feeling overwhelming amounts of stress at school (or in their sport), I can give him/her useful tools and strategies to boost confidence, improve test taking, and elicit excellent performance.  

6 sessions @ $697  



If you have a big event coming up such as a vacation or reunion and you need quick results, this is the package for you.   This is the perfect option if you need short term nutrition counseling, body composition testing, meal planning, supplementation assessment and support. 

3 sessions @ $360


Stress Relief Now: 

HeartMath’s scientifically based tools and technology give you practical solutions for sleeplessness, anxiety, burnout and other conditions, while helping you increase energy and resilience and decision-making.  This technology is taught to the military, EMS/first responders, teachers, CEOs and elite athletes.  Learn to perform more effectively under pressure, eliminate stress and experience more ease. This package is the ultimate in stress reduction and includes a Stress Relief workbook, Inner Balance Trainer (valued over $150), Dr. Amen's Brain Health assessment with supplementation recommendations, EFT and 4 coaching sessions over one month.  Functional lab testing is an optional add-on.  $500


The Athletic Edge:  

Take your athletic performance to the next level!!!  Enhance your training and get the most out of your hard work in the gym.  Perhaps you’re preparing for a competition or race, and want sport specific nutrition guidance.  Maybe you'd like to experience faster recovery.  This package includes body composition testing, goal setting, two functional lab tests (lab fees not included), weekly meal plan with recipes and shopping list, a supplementation assessment, Inner Balance Trainer and Zone performance coaching for a competitive edge.   $697


Stop Emotional Eating & Experience Permanent Weight Loss: 

Stop the cycle of emotional weight gain and loss of the same 10/20/30 lbs.  Stop obsessing about your weight when you could be spending energy on more productive things.  You can be free of this pain. Transform your relationship with food and get the breakthrough you deserve!  This six-month program includes 12 health coaching sessions, multiple assessments, the mindful eating curriculum w/meditation CD, stress reduction kit including "Stop Emotional Eating" workbook.  $997

*You may select this package with a small group of up to 3 other friends to split the cost 


Reclaim Your Health: 

Your health is precious.  If you suffer from a chronic illness which has resulted in weight gain and inflammation, I will guide you back to a state of balance so you can have the energy you need for work, family and play.  I have worked with clients who have lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure.  In addition to invaluable health counseling this package includes functional lab tests that can reveal nutrient deficiencies and imbalances*, supplementation recommendations as well as tools to manage the stress your illness has caused. This package includes the Inner Balance trainer ($150 value). $1,250

*Lab fees not included




Just Hypnosis:

$135/session or 3 for $360

Functional Labs & Body Composition Testing: 

 $120 + lab fees

Body Composition Testing & Brain Type Analysis:


Food sensitivity testing w/follow up: 


Hair Analysis for Metal Toxicity:

$60 + lab fee

Initial 1hr Consultation:  FREE




* Sessions usually take place twice/month except for the Stress Reduction program which takes place once/wk.  If after your 1st session you decide my program is not right for you, I will return 100% of your investment minus the cost of materials.