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Dear Thrive Results Tribe,


I want to share a brief summary of my wonderful and successful experience working with Kristina Hess at Thrive Results Coaching.


Following a nagging foot injury (torn plantar fasciitis) I was unable to exercise regularly and gained a substantial amount of unhealthy, unwanted weight and fat. At 57 years old I've been in decent shape my entire life and have a basic understanding of nutrition but much of what I knew about nutrition was from back in the 80's. I decided it was time to start working with an expert  and couldn't be happier with the results after only four months.


Kristina did a very through evaluation and of my health, diet and lifestyle with the consideration of guiding me into one of several diet options including PALEO and/or KETO. Following her thorough review and assessment we decided that KETO was absolutely the diet of choice for my crazy on the go lifestyle as the Founder and CEO of a very successful sports marketing corporation founded in 1994.


Kristina mapped out a very detailed but basic understanding of the KETO diet and it's foundation. The adaption was very easy once I had a clear understanding that I was basically trading my years and years of sugar energy for fat energy. It went against everything I'd ever tried before which usually consisted of low or non-fat everything. To be consciously consuming fats was totally out of left field for me and the dietary lifestyle I was totally accustomed to.


It only took a couple of days to really start to understand the entire concept and after about a week of gradually playing around with different KETO meal choices I was totally hooked. Kristina's meal plans and choices of eating while on the road were amazing, refreshing and fun. It wasn't long, maybe a couple of weeks and I started to see the flab melting away and the more I got into it the more I enjoyed intermittent fasting and getting a renewed clarity in business and unbound energy working out.


I'm four months into the KETO lifestyle, I've lost more than 20 pounds of garbage but more importantly dynamically changed my mass from fat mass to healthy muscle mass. I'm not so concerned with the scale as my overall physique has totally transformed and I feel incredible.


The KETO lifestyle is here to stay for me and I no longer want anything to do with sugar in my diet and have no cravings whatsoever.  If you're reading this you found the right person (Kristina Hess) and you don't need to look any further. Get with Kristina today and get to where you really want to be with your day to day diet and fitness for life.


Live With Passion,

Gene Smith

Los Angeles, CA

“I could not be happier with my time working with Kristina of Thrive Results Coaching. I came to Kristina with the goal of getting rid of those “last 5lbs” that so many of us are constantly telling ourselves to lose. With this goal in mind I thought Kristina would sit me down, tell me to “eat X, Y, and Z”, and give me the perfect formula to reach my ideal weight. What I soon came to realize with our monthly meetings is that there is no cookie cutter approach. Kristina helps each of her clients create a personalized and tailored plan to meet their goals. Her frequent follow ups and check-ins on top of our meetings made me feel as though she really cares and supports me as her client. I came to Kristina looking to get a new number on the scale, but what I ended up getting was a new perspective on my relationship to food. I now am able to see my diet and food not as overwhelming and restrictive, but as a way to fuel and feel best in my body. I have seen substantial improvement in my energy levels and overall day to day performance through our work together and have never felt better about my body. Kristina easily could have told me ways to lose weight fast and get to my ideal number, but instead she took the time to understand and help me work through the underlying issues that I have had with food. I can not thank her enough and look forward to continuing my progress with Thrive!” - Tyson Maley; Darien, CT

There are so many wonderful things to say about Kristina and her practice, that I don't know where to begin! Having struggled with weight most of my adult life, I first met Kristina about a year ago after having read about her practice online. In our initial consultation she convinced me that I would see results relatively quickly without resorting to starvation or other starvation measures (at the time, my eating habits were horrible and I never exercised). I was impressed with her knowledge, her empathy for my situation and what seemed to be a gentle, yet firm approach. I met with Kristina every couple of weeks and several things happened...first, I learned about and have embraced a whole new way of eating. Kristina also taught me the importance of exercise and more importantly finding something I would love. I have now become addicted to #SoulCycle and have gone literally 100 times since January 2016. Along the way, she has held me accountable - keeping me on track so many times when it would have been so easy to veer off course - and teaching me so many things about the body that I never knew and have made the journey so much more interesting. Today, nearly one year later, I am proud to say that I have lost 60lbs and there is no doubt in my mind that I never would have done it without Kristina's guidance! Most importantly, Kristina has shown me the way to sustainable weight loss and thanks to my new ability to make better choices with the food I eat, I am confident that I will be able to keep the weight off! It is absolutely true that the "gift of health" extends to other areas of our life as well. Needless to say, I feel like a new person! Who knew that my new lifestyle would be so much fun??!! Thanks Kristina!"
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- Roberto Vannucchi; Bethesda, MD

"Kristina's peak performance and Heartmath coaching helped me land a $100m piece of business!  I also received a positive comment from a co-worker who noticed a visible shift in my demeanor (much calmer) even as work responsibilities continued to grow.  It was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it."

- Brian Conry; Stamford, CT

"Kristina's skill, knowledge and professionalism have given me such confidence- I was feeling hopeless after a very difficult few years. She is brilliant." - Sally Muehring, Darien, CT


"I have been through plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists in my life and I always felt like I could not find one that truly understood my needs. Most importantly, I never felt like they really cared about me as a person. When I met Kristina I was in the beginning process of getting over some major issues. But I was still not 100% and relying heavily on medications. Through Kristina I learned tools that improved my health, my mind, and my life in general. I started to learn how to solve day to day issues by using techniques taught by her and also by understanding my body and mind instead of letting medication take care of it all for me. I started challenging myself to become a better person and the results of that not only impacted myself but also others around me. Kristina’s communication style is very effective and it is clear that she cares about her clients and their well being. She’s very passionate about her profession and it is always eager to learn something new to add to her portfolio. I absolutely love our sessions and I always look forward to seeing her as there is always something new that I’ll learn about myself, but most importantly, how to apply that in my life. Thank you so much Kristina!!!" - T.M.; Stamford, CT


"As a new mother in a new country, facing huge adjustments, chronic sleep deprivation, marital gridlock and a career change rut, I wondered if Kristina could really help me deal with such an overwhelming set of circumstances. I was immediately impressed by her perceptiveness, warmth and deep understanding of the challenges I faced. She provided a tailored, flexible and - importantly - user-friendly set of resources and strategies that triggered real changes from day one. The journey has just begun, but I finally feel like I'm moving. I can't thank Kristina enough and would recommend her services to anyone feeling stuck, whatever might be happening in their lives." 

- Sarah Gibson; Manhattan, NY

 I took a couple of photos a few days into my detox and then at the end of the 60 days. Just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I met with you and followed your advice. Thank you SO much!!! - C.F.

CrystalCrystal Back

"I appreciate so much what you are doing in my life.  You are like a loud, and faithful alarm clock that performs its task until the sleeper is are helping me into a life that can be full of adventure, hope and joy.  So thanks. I appreciate you."   

- Tim C.; Greenwich, Connecticut


"I came to Kristina wanting help with my nutrition – little did I know that she would help me transform my lifestyle. Learning the proper nutrition is understanding your triggers and being able to evaluate why you are making the choices you make. I now understand how to keep my body happy and healthy. I feel good and I look good. Most importantly? Kristina showed me how to use and develop these skills for a lifetime."

- Chelsea Paskman; Pennsylvania


"Kristina was referred to me by one of my friends who started crossfitting and had been a professional athlete.  He figured out that my eating habits (although pretty healthy) needed some guidance. I was working out pretty hard, everyday or sometimes more than once a day and he mentioned that the wrong nutrition was like throwing 50% of my effort away.  After I met Kristina her insights made sense right away and were super in line with my nutrition philosophy.  She presented everything in a coherent and organized fashion. She offers a more holistic approach, which made even more sense.  After one week of the meal plan, which was practically effortless to implement in my case, results were impressive. Muscle soreness practically disappeared, something which has always plagued me. I started my "brick" workouts to prepare for triathlons and in the second one of my life I was already covering almost half ironman distances. The following day I was riding again and lifting weights in the crossfit box almost painless. If I had to summarize the results so far in one word is "recovery." Respecting the healthy protein intake at the right time and the stages of the meals Pre and Post workout has been crucial. A better recovery allowed me to walk painless to work, perform better at workouts and improve. In that week I hit a few PRs. The most important thing I'd like to make clear is that 1 year ago I couldn't do a strict pull-up, 2 years ago I couldn't complete 2 miles running, and I have never been a performance athlete. I work 10hs + a day and commute to New York City. I have a family and 2 kids, one being a newborn. I am a typical family, working guy, and I think all of Kristina's help has been particularly helpful in my case to help find a balance to a healthier and happier life."              

- Leandro Infantino; Old Greenwich, CT

Kristina's made such a change in my eating and as a result my lifestyle.  I started just wanting to get stronger in the gym but am now more conscious about what I eat and the way I eat it that it's changed how emotionally strong I feel.  Kristina then showed me how to use this newfound physical and emotional strength as the base for dealing with the stresses of everyday life.      - Aryeh Friedman; Norwalk, CT

Since I started working with Kristina six months ago, I've lost over 20lbs, and found the motivation to start exercising again.  Her advice was invaluable and I would definitely recommend her program because IT WORKS! - Bob Maslan; Darien, CT



"Coming from someone who has been managing anxiety attacks for over 5 years, Kristina's stress reduction program has been invaluable in helping me  identify the core life misalignment issues behind this disorder. I have also become more aware of what I can do to control my response to trigger events. Anyone who has experienced a long term anxiety disorder, with the heart palpitations, insomnia and panic attacks, should work with Kristina to get back to being the person they want to be."

- Tracy T.; North Carolina



Thank you so much for changing my life! I feel like I look at everything in a completely different way and can transform negativity into positive momentum, which I wasn't able to do before we started our sessions. I know there is still a lot of work that I have left to do, but I have the tools I need, and drive to follow through.  Thank you for everything!  

- Ellen R. ; Zermatt, Switzerland

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Kristina - I can't thank you enough for all your insights.   I have been very impressed with your level of expertise.  The health coach sessions have been extremely beneficial and I feel great based on your diet suggestions and supplement recommendations.   I really enjoy your style in focusing on the whole individual including stress reduction.  I will continue recommending you to family, friends and colleagues. I think you are and will be a valuable resource to many! - Claudine D. ; Trumbull, CT



"Kristina Hess has been a Godsend to me and my recovery.  About four yeas ago I started to feel sick
and later found out I had Lyme disease, which apparently I had for at least a few years prior to diagnosis.  I went on a Doxycycline treatment as recommended by my doctor.  For the next 2-1/2 yrs I went from doctor to doctor trying different medications to treat the symptoms. Most of the medications made me feel worse. I was in constant pain, taking 1800 mg or more daily of ibuprofen,  could barely walk and was unable to exercise. I gained 30 lbs, was depressed and felt hopeless. This caused me tremendous anxiety as I felt there was no way out of it. I took sleeping medication every night.  Kristina was recommended by a friend who has Lupus and had lost 35 lbs following her program. He insisted I call her, as he too had been treated for years without great results.  We had a consultation and I started her anti-inflammatory  diet in early April 2013. It was very easy to do, and simple to follow. Within 3 days I started feeling better. 3 months later, I have lost almost 20 lbs of fat,  have almost no pain , and am not taking any pain or sleeping medication whatsoever.  After not exercising for 2.5 yrs, I'm at the gym 5 days a week almost back to my normal workout. This is truly incredible. Kristina also did a brain pattern analysis on me and suggested a vitamin/ supplement program which I have been following as well.  As a result,  I have much better mental clarity, less stress and anxiety and have begun working on hobbies such as carpentry which I have not done for years.  Kristina is very smart, well trained and spends a lot of time getting to know and understand your habits and patterns, then recommends protocols specific to your goals.  The stress reduction exercises have had a huge impact on me. It's  a tool I now have to calm me down anywhere or anytime!
 - Leonard Pouder; Westchester County NY

"I wholeheartedly would recommend Kristina's program to anyone interested in genuine growth and change, both internal and external.  Kristina is talented, committed, compassionate and all around pleasure to work with!"

- Shelley Topping-Omodunbi; Stamford, CT

" I just wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge you gave to me regarding nutrition and how to live an over all better lifestyle. I have been so inspired to live my life as a healthy person and also to eliminate junk food/processed food from my life. Also, I think you might be happy to know that I started lifting light weights" - Jillian Stefani; Westport, CT