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Increase Speed, Strength, & Endurance

 Are you an athlete seeking a competitive edge?  Are you a former athlete seeking to get back into fighting shape?  I know you have the focus, commitment and drive you need to perform your best.  Athletes set very high standards and know how to meet and exceed goals.   

Do you feel ready to get back on track? 

You are not alone.  Year after year, millions of people set New Year goals to eat better and feel healthier hoping to look good in time for summer.  However, the majority of those people consistently fall short of their expectations. While some folks are able to make initial progress, the changes are often not sustainable for them long-term. Many end up back where they started, or revert to unhealthy patterns of behavior.  The worst part of this painful process is the fact that this cycle of consistently setting a goal and not reaching it breeds a feeling that there is no way to change the circumstances.

 Turn your resolution into a reality.

Until you can change your mindset and shift the way that you think about your health, you'll never be able to make sustainable changes that produce a different result.  Experience a breakthrough this year.

 With my program it’s not just about food, it’s about total wellness.

As athletes you know you can’t out-train a bad diet.  Essentially, you are what you eat and your nutrition is critical to feeling good and performing well.  Perhaps you are fortunate to have highly dedicated coaches supporting and training you to peak levels of fitness and strength.  However, the choices you make outside the gym can totally offset all your hard work and sweat inside the gym.

As your personal nutrition and lifestyle coach, I provide the tools, strategies and support for experiencing what I call “Total Wellness.”  In turn, your total wellness positively impacts your productivity, relationships, performance and bottom line so you can rock all areas of your life.

 Make this change a MUST. 

We live in a fast-paced and changing world where it has become increasingly more difficult to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.   Stress is at an all-time high, which impacts our health in insidious ways.  Sometimes we seek out relief from that stress in ways we know aren’t good for us.  What typically follows is the usual negative self-talk or simply telling ourselves we “should” make a change.  Today, commit to turning a “Should Do” into a “Must Do.”  After all, you are an athlete and you demand more from yourself.  From a healthy core and powerful mindset, let’s make your hard work in the gym truly pay off. 

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