Why I’m Adding The 3X4 Genetics Test (in Addition to the Nutrition Genome Test)

Whether you’ve been following me for a while, are a private client of mine, or wish to become a private client, then you’re familiar with the groundbreaking (and growing) world of Nutrigenomics.

If you’re new here, or never heard the term “nutrigenomics” before, here’s what it means:

Nutrigenomics, in my opinion, is the future of nutrition. Why? Well, it’s the integrative study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially about the prevention or treatment of disease. (If you want a deeper dive into why Nutrigenomics is the future of nutrition, check out this article: Nutrigenomics: How It’s Changing Nutrition Forever

Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve studied and have been certified in the field of nutrigenomics. And it’s been a massive help for my clients who have used nutrigenomics to get a better understanding of the relationship between their genes and nutrients at the molecular level. 

Since learning about nutrigenomics, up to getting certified in it, I’ve used only one test for it: the Nutrition Genome DNA Test. 

While the Nutrition Genome DNA Test is an incredible piece of technology, which gives you a deep insight into your digestion, energy, hormones, stress and cognitive performance, inflammation and longevity, athletic performance, DNA protection and repair, and detoxification pathways, there was always a problem with the test itself: 

It’s not as easy to interpret and analyze your data, so you can implement the incredible insights it uncovers. While their data is fantastic, it borders on the side of science-y instead of being easy to implement. 

That’s why, after long hours of research, I’ve decided to add another test: The 3×4 Genetics Test

Here’s why:

Introducing The 3×4 Genetics Test 

During my lengthy research process looking for an alternative nutrigenomics test for my clients, I came across a company called 3×4 Genetics, started by a brilliant dietitian, author, adjunct professor teaching Nutrigenomics at Rutgers University and at Maryland University of Integrative Health, Dr. Yael Joffe PhD RD(SA) FACN. 

She’s appeared on a countless number of podcasts, which is how I found her and learned about her company. Plus, Dr. Yael also hosts her own podcast show, called The Power of Genetics with Dr Yael Joffe

Her brilliance as a leading voice in the nutrigenomics movement isn’t all she’s done, she also has a TON of experience as both a dietitian and as a professor teaching nutrigenomics. Plus, Dr. Yael understands the crucial thing we need in the nutrition community to make nutrigenomics a mainstream idea: 

She understands how to explain this information in a way that anybody could understand—even if you’ve never heard of nutrigenomics before. 

And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce the 3×4 Genetics Test into my private practice

Not only is the 3×4 Genetics Test every bit as good as the Nutrition Genome test, but it’s also much, much, much easier to interpret your results—which is the #1 reason why I decided to add it. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s a little cheaper either!)

Let me explain why it’s easier to interpret your results: 

What Makes The 3×4 Genetics Test More User-Friendly? 

First, and most importantly, the 3×4 Genetics Test is more user-friendly because they do a better job at simplifying the advanced data you’ll receive after taking the test. The best data in the world won’t make an actual difference in your life if you can’t interpret and act upon the data. 

The 3×4 Genetics Test excels at this by putting their advanced data into intuitive buckets. 

Here’s what that means:

Besides the test itself, they also give you a Blueprint Report, which provides key insights and practical and personalized recommendations for you to start taking control of your health. They do this by breaking up your results into 6 major performance buckets: 

  1. Weight balance
  2. Heart health 
  3. Blood sugar regulation 
  4. Brain health 
  5. Fitness & tissue health
  6. Hormone health 

They even let you tailor your health choices specific to your needs. 

Let’s say you’re more concerned with your weight balance than any of the other health buckets: 

They break down your nutrigenomics data into subcategories of weight balance, which includes: 

  • Appetite / Satiety / Intake
  • Adipogenesis 
  • Energy Expenditure 
  • Exercise Response 
  • Glucose & Insulin 
  • Hormone Balance
  • Pro-Inflammatory Fat

They offer these subcategories for each of the main 6 performance buckets. 

Best part?

By far my favorite “feature” of the 3×4 Genetics Test is that they offer practical and personalized action steps when any number is off in a certain subcategory or main bucket. This makes it easy to go from data to action, which is something many of my clients struggled with on the Nutrition Genome test. 

Plus, it’s a swab test too, which was one of my clients’ favorite aspects of the Nutrition Genome test. 

If you’re interesting in getting an in-depth blueprint of your overall health and wellness level, as well as actionable steps you can take to improve various health markers, you can order a 3×4 Genetics Test below:

>>Order your 3×4 Genetics Test online here<< 

If you need help understanding the ins and outs of the report and building a plan that makes sense for your genetic code, I’ve helped many of my clients with this and would love to help you too! 

If you’d like to set up a virtual meeting with me to help you create a plan you can stick to, you can schedule it here.

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