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7 Keys to Dietary Success

7 Keys to Dietary Success

It is a frequent occurrence that as Monday rolls around, we decide that we are going to clean up our act and embark on a wellness journey.  Here are 7 tips for helping you to stick to your personal plan:

1. Clean up your home environment
Clear the pantry and fridge of the foods that you’re not able to eat on this challenge. Having those temptations in your home environment can lead to self-sabotage in a moment of weakness. Even if you have kids that love to eat Fritos, getting rid of them benefits them too. Don’t want to “deprive” the kids? Take them out for ice cream instead of keeping it in the house.

2. Share Your Goals with Others 
Express the need for support.  Let the people in your office know what you’re doing and they will be less likely to offer you the birthday cupcakes or tempt you with takeout. By sharing what you’re doing, others will feel included in your journey and aim to help you. 

3. Write stuff down
Studies show that when people record what they are doing, they are more successful. When it comes to food, we can end up doing a lot of mindless snacking. Keeping a record promotes accountability. I encourage use of an online app such as MyFitnessPal.

4. Have a strong “WHY”
What will keep you on track?  Everyone has a different reason and sometimes the answer is “I’d like to lose a few pounds.”  This is a goal not a reason why.  Ask yourself WHAT FOR? What is the thing underneath that goal that is going to keep you focused and on-target when temptation strikes? Here is what it can look like: 

  • To boost my confidence because I’ve been hiding out and I’d like to meet someone special. 
  • I want to clean up my act because my productivity level is low and I feel ineffective in a lot of key areas of my life. 
  • So I can be a better role model for my kids/happier partner and parent. 
  • I’m genuinely concerned about my health and I’m doing this to improve blood markers and heal my digestive system/thyroid/fatigue etc.
  • It’s my dream to run a marathon/cycle through Europe/climb Kilimanjaro. To do these things I need to be healthier.
  • I have a reunion/wedding/special event coming up and it’s important to me to look and feel good.   

5. Chunk It Down to Mini-Goals
One technique that Navy SEALS use for success is the mini-goal. Let’s say you were training for a marathon of 26 miles…Instead of overwhelming yourself with this daunting task, just think about making it to the next tree before picking another tree to focus on.  Sometimes when we get focused on how far away our goal is, we either get overwhelmed and paralyzed, or we push it off and say we’ll start again tomorrow. Break weeks into 1 week chunks, set daily intentions, or even hourly ones…whatever is going to keep you motivated!

6. Prepare Ahead of Time
Preparation is key.  Plan menus, download recipes and pack snacks to-go.  If you don’t like to cook and prefer to have the planning and prep done for you, find a meal delivery service.  Set yourself up for success with a minor amount of planning.  

7. Show up 
Self-care is an act of love.  Taking care of yourself makes you available for the projects and people you love.  Working out, getting your sleep, hydrating properly, prepping your food, recovering and managing your stress are all equally important wellness components.  Honor this commitment to yourself.  Being consistent will yield big results.