Announcement: New Signos Partnership Unlocks Faster & More Effective Weight Loss

I have an important announcement if you’re interested in losing weight faster and more effectively than methods you’ve tried in the past. I often talk about the importance of metabolic health, using data to improve your health, and how critical personalized nutrition is to your health outcomes.

Well, this announcement passes all three criteria with flying colors…

The announcement?

I’m partnering with Signos, a pioneering health tech company that helps you understand your individual, unique metabolism by using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor), and their app which tracks all your data in real-time, so you can see how your body responds to the foods you eat, as well as your stress, sleep, exercise, and other factors.

The level of insight this strategy gives you into your metabolism allows us to make better, more personalized recommendations that inevitably lead to you reaching your goals faster.

Plus, their app also makes suggestions on how to make micro-changes to your daily lifestyle to keep your glucose stable, which is scientifically proven to help you lose weight, sleep better, and feel better overall.

While my partnership with Signos is new, the solution itself is a leading company in the space. They have over 20,000 users already losing weight and improving their metabolic health with this solution. They also have the largest metabolic data set in the world. And they’re even backed by Google to help solve the obesity epidemic.

Here’s why:

Most people make 227 food decisions—each and every day.

Yes, you read that right!

Two hundred and twenty-seven food decisions daily. 

This statistic was realized from a study published from Cornell University. And the details of the study—where people underestimated their daily food decisions by an average of over 221 decisions and overate 31% more food than they realized (of which, 21% denied that they overate at all)—are even more shocking.

In fact, this even gives us clues into the obesity epidemic:

Perhaps it’s not so much of an obesity epidemic as it is a mindless eating one, which inevitably causes obesity. 

Despite most people’s brazen unawareness with how many food decisions they make (and I can hardly blame them, even I was shocked to learn that we make 227 food decisions every day), your body is fully aware of each and every one of these 227 decisions.

For example, every single food decision you make—from #1 all the way up to #227—impacts your blood sugar. Certain foods that make your blood sugar drop deplete your energy. And the reverse is equally as bad: Foods that raise your blood sugar too high can result in your body storing fat.

To make matters worse…

Everyone has a unique metabolism, and while some foods are healthy for some people, they can create havoc for others. For example, when I went vegan (and ate what you’d consider “healthy” foods), I broke several bones, saw my energy collapse, and lived in a constant state of brain fog. But keto reversed all of these problems for me.

Long story short: Nutrition is hard and individualized. Not to mention, there’s a variety of factors—like your stress levels, sleep quality, exercise consistency, and more—that can impact your metabolism, and negatively affect how your body reacts and feels.

That’s why I partnered with Signos, so you can track your unique metabolism’s needs and responses to all the above factors (and more) in real-time! 

That means…

For all 227 food decisions you make in a given day, your Signos CGM will provide real-time feedback on how your body actually responds.

The result?

Weight falls off your body faster.

Your energy levels soar.

Your sleep improves.

You reduce your risk of every type of preventative disease caused by obesity.

And even your mood improves, with each and every bite you take.

Best part?

Their app can also reveal micro-changes to your daily lifestyle to keep your glucose stable.

So, what does the Signos CGM & Coaching program cost?

If you’re interested, you need to commit to a three-month coaching plan, which costs $500 per month ($1,500 total). Any packages above this level (which include the $750, $1000 & $2,000/mo) will include the CGM automatically.

If you’re already working with me, all you need to do is simply upgrade your package to a $500 one. If we’re not already working together, then you can sign up for a $500/mo package and commit for three months.

(You MUST commit to a three-month plan, so you get the best results from the Signos CGM, and so I can see if this is something I want to offer my broader client list.) 

If you’d like to try the CGM Monitoring & Coaching Package, you can sign up via Healthie below:

>> Get CGM monitoring & coaching here <<

If you don’t want to commit for three months…

Introducing the Transformation CGM Challenge

As excited as many of my clients were to try this groundbreaking piece of health tech, there have been an equal number of you that have wondered if there was a way to try a CGM without committing for three months.

Well, I have good news on that front:

If you’d like to take my CGM Monitoring and Coaching Program for a 30-day test run, I put together a special version of the Transformation 42 Challenge, which also includes a CGM.

I’m calling it the “Transformation CGM Challenge.”

Now, there are some differences between this Transformation CGM Challenge and the typical Transformation 42 Challenges you’re used to…

First, since signing up for this challenge means you get a CGM, this challenge will cost an investment of $500 to cover the costs of the CGM. The level of insight this strategy gives you into your metabolism allows us to make better, more personalized recommendations that inevitably lead to you reaching your goals faster.

Second, instead of 42 days, this challenge will only run 30 days because having the CGM will fast track your progress towards your goals.

Third, you will also receive two private follow-up consultations with me, to help you analyze your CGM data, make a permanent plan to lose weight (and keep it off), improve your metabolic health, sleep better, and feel amazing more often.

Other than that, the same rules for Transformation 42 still apply. If you need a reminder, here are the rules for this Transformation CGM Challenge:

1. Pick a diet and stick to it for the full 30 days! You can pick any diet you want (paleo, keto, vegan, gluten-free, IIFYM, whole foods, etc.) as long as it has structure. And no cheat days are allowed!

2. No alcohol at all for the 30 days.

3. Drink half of your body weight in ounces every day.

4. Two 45 minute workouts each day. And one HAS to take place outside (walks are strongly recommended).

5. Take weekly progress pics every week of the challenge.

6. Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book every day. (Many people like reading personal growth books, but you can read whatever nonfiction book you’d like.)

Best part?

Thanks to your handy CGM and the Signos app, you’ll get an even clearer picture of how this challenge transforms your health.

Your CGM gives you…

  • Real-time blood sugar and trend data
  • In-app nutritionist support
  • Predictive glucose for your meals
  • Fasting and meal timing tips
  • Exercise and activity recommendations
  • Stable energy levels throughout the day

So, not only will your results surpass perhaps any other T42 Challenge that you’ve done before, but it should also make the entire challenge a little bit easier. Now, this is still a tough challenge that will test your mental strength and endurance. But the CGM will make it easier, and more effective than past T42 you might’ve participated in.

The Transformation CGM Challenge begins on Monday, March 11th.

That said… The deadline to sign up for this challenge is March 4th. 

If you’d like to join us for this introductory Transformation CGM Challenge, you can register below:

>> Register for the introductory Transformation CGM Challenge here <<

Even though this challenge doesn’t begin until March 11, you must sign up before March 4th. There’s a hard deadline to sign up for this challenge because it requires sending you your wearable CGM. I also need at least four people to commit to the Transformation CGM Challenge (because that’s how many units I need to order at a time).

If you’ve already signed up for the 3-month CGM program, you can join the challenge at no extra cost.

If you’re not already subscribed to my emails, I encourage you to fill in your email address in the footer of this page, so you can be the first to know about new announcements, challenges, and other tips and tricks to improve your health.

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