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Despite becoming known as “The Keto Nutritionist,” the truth is, keto isn’t the best diet protocol for everyone. Due to my ultra-personalized approach, I recommend unique dieting protocols designed specifically for you and your body. That said, keto does make sense for many of my clients. But keto is far from the only thing I do. 

In fact, the advanced testing I offer is a much better way to “summarize” how I can help. I have 5 main advanced lab tests I recommend to almost all clients to get a 1-of-1 view of your overall health and well-being. Those tests include:

1. Nutrition Genome
2. Organic Acids Test
3. New food & sensitivities 
4. Heavy metals
5. TruDiagnostic 

These tests unlock insights into your body and health to help you prevent disease, slow down the aging process, and become the healthiest version of yourself possible. Sometimes that means keto, sometimes it doesn’t. 

Absolutely! Most of my clients originally come to me to help them simplify their weight loss journey. Thousands of clients have achieved their weight loss goals faster with less hunger pangs and frustrations by using my ultra personalized approach that focuses on the 0.1% that makes you, you. 

At my office, I can test your Resting Metabolic Rate, which helps optimize your fat burning even when you’re resting! Plus, you can access my Tanita scale, which goes far past just looking at your body weight. The Tanita scale also analyzes and tracks other vital readings like your body fat percentage, hydration levels, muscle mass, BMR, visceral fat, body composition, and much more. And it does all this in under 20 seconds. 

Tanita scales can cost upwards of $12,000, so please take advantage of this amazing high-tech scale. 

You can’t offer personalized nutrition without actually knowing how to personalize each plan and protocol to your unique body. That’s where advanced lab testing comes in. 

The main tests I use include: 

1. Nutrition Genome — using the advanced study of nutrigenomics to prevent and reverse disease 
2. Organic Acids Test — understand nutritional deficiencies you may have as it relates to metabolic pathways 
3. New food & sensitivities — uncover which foods make your body come alive and which foods make your body sick and suboptimal 
4. Heavy metals — test heavy metals in your bloodstream which may be causing you to become sick, fatigued, and diseased 
5. TruAge by TruDiagnostic — discover how to age slower and even reverse the aging process by testing over 900,000 methylation markers

Besides these main tests, I also offer a Mold & Mycotoxins test for determining if mold or mycotoxins are the silent culprits undermining your health. And an Omega-3 Index test which measures the percentage of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in red blood cell membranes to reduce your overall inflammatory markers—the main culprit behind every disease. 

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My approach to nutrition and dieting is a 100% personalized and unique approach designed for your specific body, lifestyle habits, and more. Everyone has a slightly different genetic code, which is why keto may work for one person and a raw vegan protocol works for another. 

I don’t impose any personal biases on you. With each client, I take several advanced tests to help create a plan that is not only easy to stick to, but that delivers the results you want—no matter what health problems are currently ailing you. 

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to nutrition and dieting, check out my Packages page here: 

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, you can send an email to me at [email protected], and I’ll answer it as soon as possible. 

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