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Product Review of Calm by OKAHAI

Product Review of Calm by OKAHAI

Putting together and hosting an event like Keto Symposium is rewarding, but pretty stressful. 

From coordinating the speakers, scheduling the lectures, promoting the event on podcasts, speaking with vendors and sponsors, and everything in between. Not to mention, balancing everything Keto Symposium needed along with serving my private clients and diving deeper into the world of nutrition and nutrigenomics shot my stress levels up to 11. 

Each goal—whether planning an event, running your own client-based business, or learning a brand new field of nutrition—was a daunting task itself. Trying to do all three at once almost drove me mad. 

But I was fortunate to have OKAHAI reach out to me and introduce me to their Calm product. 

Now, I’m one of the unlucky people that CBD doesn’t work on. So, I was a bit skeptical about trying a CBD product like Calm.  However, Calm was instrumental in balancing my stress levels with my three goals.

I used Calm prior to planning Keto Symposium. I’d take it every morning—almost as soon as I woke up—and was shocked at how peaceful it kept me throughout my hectic, non-stop days. I credit this calmness to the adaptogens inside Calm, like ashwagandha for example, which helped me adapt to all the stressors around me. 

Adaptogens can’t get rid of stress, it’s an inevitable part of life. But Calm played a big role in helping me handle my stress without breaking down.

I was also skeptical that Calm would taste awful. I’m no stranger to trying different herbal supplements, and many of them make you want to vomit. Not Calm. It delighted my tastebuds (which made it easy to make it a part of my daily routine during one of the most stressful seasons of my life).

If you’re going through a stressful season too, you might want to consider Calm by OKAHAI. It helped me (and CBD doesn’t even work on me—so I’m willing to bet you’d have even more impressive results!). 

If you’re interested in trying Calm by OKAHAI, you can find more information about it and place your order here