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Space Clearing for Weight Loss

Space Clearing for Weight Loss

“The starting point is realizing that letting go is not a dramatic moment we build to some time in the future. It is happening now in the present moment – it is not singular but ongoing.”-Judy Lief

Moving things from one place to another – clothes from floor to drawer, dishes to dishwasher, attic treasures to Goodwill – moves stuck energy.

What is one thing you can move (clear) for one minute right now that could release some stuck energy?

When it comes to clothes, it basically boils down to this: Clothes that don’t fit, don’t feel good, or make your heart sing are a form of stuck energy (aka clutter). When you squirrel them away for that mythical day when you’ll love them again, or fit into them, or they’ll come back into fashion, you perpetuate the stuck pattern.

It doesn’t matter if you paid a small fortune or you made it from scratch, if a garment is not a vibrational match to you (i.e. it fits, it is suitable to your lifestyle, and it makes you feel good), it will not lift and lighten you. Nor make you feel attractive.

Do you wear your clothes or do they wear you (out)? What is one thing you can release today that is not in alignment with your lighter self?