Why Distilled Water Is The “Elixir of Life”

If you’ve read this article, then you know that I’ve recently discovered Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, or RBTI for short. While RBTI is considered an “alternative” approach to health, it also is a fantastic way to both personalize and simplify your road to health. 


Well, long story short, according to RBTI, there is a formula for “perfect health” based on Reams’s “perfect numbers” idea. While the “perfect numbers” are the same for everyone, each individual person has different numbers that require different actions to reach their “perfect numbers.” 

And that’s where we begin this discussion on why Dr. Reams considered distilled water “the elixir of life,” but also why distilled water is the healthiest water you can drink. 

Let’s dive into why distilled water is superior by first looking at the importance of water itself…  

The importance of water for your health and wellbeing

Through Dr. Carey Reams’s research, he discovered that water plays a crucial role in the body’s internal environment and mechanisms. But, unlike other animals, humans actually don’t require as much water… which, despite being counterintuitive, is exactly why humans need to put more emphasis on their water consumption. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples: 

A 500-lb steer requires about 25 gallons of water each day for life. That’s a 42% water requirement compared to their body weight. Plants have an even more dramatic water requirement: Each day they need 3 times their body weight in water to sustain life. That’s a 300% water requirement compared to their weight! 

Humans, on the other hand, only require about 3.2% of their body weight in water. And while this seems like it’s a cakewalk compared to steer or plants…

Humans are actually one of the most dehydrated animals on Earth! 

Since we don’t need as much water to sustain our life, it often takes the backburner. Instead of being one of our main focal points for life itself, it’s much lower on our priority list, and we tend to neglect it. 

Here’s what this means in raw data:

  • 75% of Americans are considered “chronically dehydrated” 
  • In 37% of Amercians, our thirst mechanism is so weak that we often mistake it for hunger! 
  • And having even one glass of water before bed will shut down midnight hunger pangs by 100% (according to the dieters studied at the University of Washington) 

There are more jarring stats and figures about water consumption, giving more proof that humans don’t prioritize water consumption like every other animal on the planet does. We’ll dive into this later in this article. 

The important part for you to understand for now is this:

While humans have one of the lowest water requirements of all animals, we’re also one of the worst species on Earth when it comes to getting enough of our water intake! 

It’s for this reason, at least according to Dr. Reams himself, that humans need to pay particular attention to their water consumption. 

The connection between your water consumption and liver health

Based on these findings, Dr. Reams made another crucial discovery: 

Water is vital to your liver health. 

Here’s why:

The liver requires three primary substances to maintain its functions. Those three substances, listed in order of importance, include: 

  1. Water
  2. Oxygen
  3. Calcium

Dr. Reams compared these three substances to a three-legged stool: If any of the legs didn’t work, the stool itself would be rendered ineffective. 

And so it is with your liver. 

Here’s where this spells trouble: 

Since 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, then it goes without saying that 75% of Americans are working with a suboptimal liver. Worse yet, since one of the liver’s main duties is to create the beginning molecules that the body relies on to maintain all its other tissues, glands, and organs, this lack of water problem may give us insight into why Amercians, as a whole, are so unhealthy (despite being the richest country in the world).  

This discovery is also what led Dr. Reams to believe that distilled water is the #1 type of water for human consumption. 

Let’s dive into that now… 

Why distilled water is the superior type of water for humans

Believe it or not, in its pure state, water is supposed to be both tasteless and odorless. We may find this hard to believe since most of our water consumption today has a taste to it (due to the different minerals included in bottled water, tap water, and other types of water we drink most often). But scientifically speaking, pure water is tasteless and odorless. 

Why does this matter?

Well, as we discussed, Dr. Reams discovered that water plays a crucial role in the body’s internal environment and mechanisms. 

But let’s take a deeper dive into why distilled water is superior:

Water is the most important substance for your liver for reasons we already covered, plus the fact that water acts as a universal solvent. In other words, water was designed to carry electromagnetic frequencies in order to promote and enhance the energy exchange and storage which is vital for human wellbeing. 

These discoveries led Dr. Reams to believe that the best water is not only pure, but “wet” and “high energy” too.

What does that mean?

Well, dry water, according to Dr. Reams’s definition, means water that contains very little energy.  

Despite being the universal solvent, water that functions at its optimum for human health in the liver and body as a whole, then it must also be wet and high energy. This is what allows water to best carry energy on the human frequency. 


This means that not only is distilled water the best, but steamed distilled water is even better. Why? Because steamed distilled water can carry or take more ionic energy on the human frequency than any other type of water. 

When it comes to practical ways steamed distilled water can improve your health, check out these “fun facts” about water: 

  • Since even mild dehydration can lower your metabolism’s speed by 3%, drinking steamed distilled water can make stark improvements in your metabolism. 
  • The #1 cause of daytime fatigue is lack of water, so steamed distilled water can help you avoid afternoon crashes better than a cup of coffee. 
  • According to preliminary research, proper water consumption each day could reduce back and joint pain by 80%. 
  • And drinking enough water each day can also help your brain stay sharp and focused (since a mere 2% drop in body water can cause fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on tough tasks). 

But that’s not all Dr. Reams discovered… he also figured out that water molecules have a memory, and they’re in effect the USB drives of Mother Nature. 

Let’s dive into this next:

The strange memory properties of water (and why it makes distilled water the best option for your health) 

The molecules of water are able to retain memories. So if you’re drinking water from a spring, well, creek, river or pond, that water will contain a combined memory of the electromagnetic fields of every piece of rock or bit of soil it’s come into contact with. These memories cause H20 molecules to cluster, which makes it hard (if not, impossible) to penetrate—and hydrate—your cells. 

That said, the distillation process (which involves heating water to become a vapor, then cooling it back into a liquid form) erases the water’s memory. When water’s memory gets erased, the water molecules decluster, allowing for superior hydration, especially to your cells. When it comes to the electromagnetic energy, distilled water becomes a better carrier of these electromagnetic energies, making it more apt to transfer them to your body’s organs and tissues. 

Let’s examine some other ways this impacts your real, day-to-day health: 

Since mineral water (which includes most forms of bottled water) is the poorest and least beneficial type of water for your body’s chemistry, this may explain why 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, why we have so many aches and pains in our joints, and why cancer runs so rampant in our society. 

Let’s look at that last point in more detail:

According to Reams, properly consuming 5 glasses of proper water (which is to say, water that has had its memory cleared) results in… 

  • 45% smaller chance of developing colon cancer
  • 79% reduced risk in developing breast cancer 
  • And makes you 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer 

Since most Americans drink bottled or tap water, filled with minerals and other substances, this may explain one of the major causes of cancer running wild. 


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, defined as a serious and complicated long-term disorder that affects several bodily processes with the common thread between each person being profound exhaustion, regardless of how much (or little) you sleep someone gets, is also a major problem among Americans. According to the CDC, up to 2.5 million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And lack of proper water may explain why… 

Here’s why:

Proper water consumption—again, defined as drinking water with its memory cleared—during waking hours is worth an hour of sleep each night. Imagine how many hours of sleep you’re losing each day by drinking bottled or tap water that’s riddled with minerals and other substances instead of drinking steamed distilled water, or other forms of water that have had its memory cleared.  

One of the biggest benefits of water is the energy transfer between organs and tissues, and so drinking water that doesn’t have this energy factor available can explain many of our chronic, degenerative and modern-day diseases. 

The only thing left to tackle now, is how much distilled water you should drink to unlock the life-giving benefits of proper water consumption… 

So, how much distilled water should I drink?

While we covered a lot of the “why” for distilled water in this article—and I know we covered a lot—we haven’t discussed the “how” of distilled water. Or, in other words, how much distilled water should you drink?

Luckily for us, Dr. Reams created a formula for this! 

According to Reams, you can determine how much distilled water you need to drink per day by dividing your weight by 2, then converting that number to ounces. 

So, for example, let’s say you weigh 100 lbs: 

100/2 = 50, which means you’d need to drink 50 oz of distilled water per day to meet your daily water requirement. This is in addition to whatever water you’re consuming through food or other beverages throughout your day. 


Reams thought that it was best to divide your water intake into at least 20 increments, spread throughout a 10-hour day, meaning you drink one increment (in this case, 1/20th) of your water requirement every half hour. 

Not to mention, if you exert yourself physically, find yourself in hot weather, or are prone to sweating, then you’ll need to increase your water intake to offset what you lose through your sweat. 

As Reams often suggested, the only way to determine how much water you actually need is by “going to the numbers,” which became Reams’s catchphrase for RBTI work. Only by “going to the numbers” will you reveal the perfect answers to your health and wellbeing. 

Need help “going to the numbers” and creating a game plan for “perfect health” using RBTI? 

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