What is RBTI (And How It Simplifies & Personalizes Your Health)?

I’ve often mentioned in emails I sendarticles I write, and on podcasts I’m interviewed on how I think nutrigenomics is the future of nutrition. While I still believe this to be true, I’ve discovered (and started using) another complementary approach to nutrition that further simplifies and personalizes your nutrition for optimal health and wellness. 

This newer approach is called Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, or RBTI for short. Like nutrigenomics, RBTI is also focused on the role nutrition plays in your optimal health. But unlike nutrigenomics, RBTI is more focused on your body’s chemistry, using different parameters such as pH, conductivity, and sugar levels instead of taking a more molecular and genetic approach to nutrition. 

In this article, you’ll discover what RBTI is, how Dr. Carey Reams discovered it (and why the scientific community hasn’t “accepted” it), and how it further simplifies and personalizes your nutrition for optimal health. 

First, let me explain what RBTI is:

What is Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, or RBTI?

RBTI is a system Dr. Carey Reams, a biochemist and agricultural scientist, developed in the mid-20th century. RBTI focuses on measuring and balancing your body’s chemistry, mainly through the analysis of urine and saliva samples. 

So, what does your body’s chemistry have to do with the optimal functioning of your health?

Here’s where RBTI gets interesting…

According to Reams theory, the balance of specific minerals, sugars, salts, and other substances in bodily fluids determine the health of your body. Reams identified the perfect number of ratios across all these substances to give the optimal health for humans. By perfecting the range of proper carb, salt, urine, and pH, you’ll achieve optimal health. 

Just like reading your individual genome, RBTI is also a highly personalized approach to nutrition. 

To reach the “perfect numbers” that create optimal functioning and health in your body, everyone needs different things. This also explains why some people do better on particular dietary patterns such as keto, paleo, plant-based and RBTI provides a direction towards which foods might be necessary to include.  

Over the coming weeks, I’ll dive more into different subset topics of RBTI, like why calcium is the most important mineral, why distilled water is the best type to drink, and how to determine your digestive health by analyzing the pH of your urine and saliva. 

But today, I want to give you a 40,000 ft view of RBTI in general before we dive into the nitty-gritty details. 

While RBTI is a groundbreaking system that simplifies and personalizes nutrition and health for everyone, it’s received quite a bit of backlash from the scientific community, which is why it’s not as mainstream of an idea as it should be. 

So, why have scientists tried to discredit something that could be instantly useful and helpful to hundreds of thousands of people? To explain this, we first must look into how Dr. Reams created this practice. 

How Dr. Carey Reams Developed RBTI (And Why the Scientific Community Hasn’t “Accepted” It)

As mentioned, Dr. Reams was a brilliant biochemist and agricultural scientist. He even studied under Einstein at Stanford. In addition to this, he was a brilliant mathematician too. And, like most great scientists, he was truly ahead of his time. (Dr. Reams passed away in 1985.) 

He began his career as an agricultural scientist, studying soil chemistry and its impact on plant health and productivity. One of his first major breakthroughs—both as a student and for his RBTI theory—came when he realized that the chemical composition of soil has a massive impact on the quality and yield of crops. 

In fact, that’s what gave him the idea behind RBTI: 

If the soil—namely, the minerals and nutrients in said soil—has a great influence over the quality and yield of crops, perhaps it makes the same impact on human health. His work later proved this to be true: By optimizing for specific nutrient and mineral balances, humans can achieve optimal health. 

Here’s how: 

One day, back in 1931, Reams got his first human patient, which became a significant milestone in both his life and with his RBTI system. 

There was a family in Reams’s neighborhood who knew about his biochemistry studies, and wanted Reams to see if he could help their epileptic son heal. He took this invitation very seriously. He spent a week fasting and praying to God before he made the connection between the soil he’s been studying, and humans. 

That’s when he arrived at his “formula” for developing optimal health in the human body. Reams believed that bodily fluids, particularly urine and saliva, could provide valuable insights for a human’s overall health. Which led Reams to start experimenting with urine and saliva samples to gain a deeper understanding into the body’s chemistry. 

That’s how he developed a set of measurements, including pH, conductivity, and sugar levels, which reflected the balance of minerals and other substances in the body. 

Then, Reams went to the epileptic child, and applied his theory to him. 

The result? 

After analyzing the boy’s urine and saliva, he made an important discovery: The kid was not epileptic. He had extreme low blood sugar. The epileptic symptoms were caused by low sugar problems. He realized the boy had a pancreas malfunction, not epilepsy!

Reams then developed a diet for the boy which would rebalance the various numbers in Reams’s formula. The diet worked, and the boy stayed well, never having another epileptic episode again. 

And thus, Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (or RBTI) was born.   

Over time, Reams refined his theories, establishing a system for interpreting the results of urine and saliva analysis. He developed guidelines, recommendations, and even perfect ratios for balancing the body’s chemistry through dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Once he developed and fleshed out his RBTI system, he began teaching the principles and techniques to a wide range of practitioners, who saw their patients achieve life-changing results by following the RBTI approach. 

Despite this, RBTI isn’t mainstream nutrition. I never learned about it while studying for my Master’s. And many people in the nutritional community—even in the more “alternative” circles—haven’t heard of RBTI or Dr. Carey Reams. 


Well, the unfortunate truth is that Reams never became too popular in the scientific community because he was very religious—which most scientists have a preconceived bias about. But this has been a net loss for the field of nutrition because RBTI has unlocked better health for thousands and thousands of people Dr. Reams helped personally, and indirectly through his training of practitioners across the world. 

How RBTI Simplifies and Personalizes Your Health And Wellness

As I mentioned above, Reams created a formula for “perfect health” using his “perfect numbers” methodology. But what does that actually mean?

First, let’s discuss what “perfect health” means according to Reams:

By taking Reams’s “perfect health” test, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Calcium needs for your body’s chemistry
  • Foods you are digesting and foods you are not digesting
  • How your body assimilates nutrients (or lack thereof) 
  • Your vitamin and mineral deficiencies 
  • Your blood sugar levels (high, normal, or low) and oxygen availability (which is the “forgotten” nutrient) 
  • If your body has excess yeast or parasites 
  • Excess stress on your internal organs (kidneys, liver, heart, colon, gallbladder) 
  • The health of your liver and gallbladder 

Plus, it also reveals whether the chemistry in your body is contributing to circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, arthritis, weight gain, high cholesterol, and kidney/gall stones. 

In other words, it tells you exactly what’s contributing to your state of disease and gives you a roadmap for unlocking optimal health. 

As for his “perfect numbers” formula… 

The “perfect numbers” for Biological Ionization (or ideal health) represent the ideal cellular resistance required for life. It’s similar to how 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit means a healthy body, and any temperature above or below 98.6 signifies disease. 

And as I mentioned above, your “perfect numbers” can be wildly different from someone else’s “perfect numbers” even if you have similar symptoms. Which, in turn, means that the approach for each person to reach their “perfect numbers” can vary greatly from individual to individual. 

Want to see how RBTI can unlock optimal health for you?

Interested in implementing an RBTI approach to your nutrition and health? Well, since I’m certified in RBTI I can commission your RBTI test. Then I’ll help you not only interpret your results, but create a protocol for hitting your “perfect numbers.” 


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